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Roger C. Parker knows the best-kept secret in entrepreneurial marketing. Imagine having your customers eagerly awaiting your next  marketing message.

David Garfinkel
Creating Killer Headlines

The only thing better than a newsletter is a One-Page Newsletter. It's the quintessential Guerrilla Marketing weapon 

Jay Conrad Levinson
Guerrilla Marketing

Roger C. Parker has redefined newsletter publishing for the web age. 

Joe Vitale
Spiritual Marketing
#1 Best Seller

Roger C. Parker's One-Page Newsletter is an ideal way to put Permission Marketing to work. 

Seth Godin
Permission Marketing

Roger: Your materials are sensational! You handhold people through  every step of the process! I'm recommending it to all of my clients. 

Sharron Senter
Sharron Senter & Associates

I can't believe how good my first issue came out, using the template you provided. I liked it so much, I immediately created a second monthly One-Page Newsletter to support another one of my businesses.

Will Reed

Roger C. Parker's One-Page Newsletter course is an innovative way to apply classic marketing principles to even the smallest business. One-Page Newsletters make it easy for even the busiest business owners to reduce customer acquisition costs by consistently keeping in touch with past customers and enhancing their credibility, resulting in increased repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Alexander Hiam
The Portable MBA in Marketing,
Marketing for Dummies

Roger has taken the idea of permission marketing to new heights of practicality with his One-Page Newsletter concept. He shows exactly what to do and when. 

Alex Mandossian
Marketing with Postcards

Making continuous contacts that count requires brief, succinct, meaningful content in an electric environment. Crafting newsletters that impact is a learnable skill and there is no better master or model than Roger Parker's One-page Newsletter program. There is no more affordable or memorable way to stay in touch.

Jim Cecil
Nurture Marketing

Roger Parker's One-Page Newsletter concept is brilliant, period. His One-Page Newsletter guide shows you step-by-step how to use a newsletter to pre-sell prospects and resell past customers. I highly recommend it!

Debbie Weil
Publisher, WordBiz Report

It is rare with Internet offers to get more than expected, but that has been my experience with Roger Parker's program. Not only did I receive extremely valuable, practical and useful information, but the one free hour of coaching was rich and stimulating with additional ideas, concepts, and strategies which I am now instituting.

Tony Fiore, Ph.D.

Roger C. Parker's One-Page Newsletter offers the perfect synthesis between web and print. For the first time, print supports web and web supports print. And businesses of all types benefit.

Rob Bell
President Corp.

Roger C. Parker's One Page Newsletters is an extremely well organized, well grounded, thorough and helpful tutorial on one very effective method of bringing in new business for you or your organization. He systematically guides the reader to create content, design and distribution that are tailored perfectly to the target audience. ... As a bonus, his proofreading checklist for newsletters is the best I have seen anywhere.... Highly recommended.

Marcia Yudkin
 6 Steps to Free Publicity

Roger C. Parker's One-Page Newsletter outlines a marketing program that will help you keep in constant touch with your clients without breaking the bank!

Rick Frishman
Guerrilla Publicity

Roger C Parker's One Page Newsletter dramatically and visually positions your newsletter apart from the sea of newsletters competing for your reader's attention. Simple, yet very powerful.

Mitch Meyerson
Guerrilla Marketing Coach

The One-Page Newsletter is the ideal marketing vehicle for the times. It communicates a lot of valuable information in a way that positions the business apart from its competition. It's the ideal customer retention tool for businesses of all types during these cost-conscious times.

William Pearsall
M&A specialist

You make it seem so easy. And it is!

Joyce Hyam
Easy Health Tips

Any coach, consultant, or service provider who isn't using a One-Page Newsletter is doing their career a serious injustice!

Elsom Eldridge, Jr.
President, International Guild of Professional Consultants

Roger C. Parker has exhibited a remarkable consistency throughout the twenty-five years I have known him.

Roger has always put his client's and employer's best interests above his own. He has always based his marketing recommendations on the pillars of target marketing, market education and customer retention.

Roger is a catalyst who makes things happen by painlessly introducing major change. He is self-motivated, self-managing, and—most important—self-correcting. He treats his client's businesses like his own.

William Pearsall
Mergers and Acquisitions
Seattle, WA

From the start, Roger C. Parker's "Promoting Specialist" concept has played a major and continuing role in Magnolia Hi-fi's growth and success. He set us on the right path and helped us stick to it!

Jim Tweten
Magnolia Hi-fi & Video

Thanks, Roger. It means a great deal, ;, coming from you. I attribute the development of my plain speaking copy style directly to you.

Bruce Lee

Outside of my wife, I trust Roper's opinion more than anyone else's! His ideas
have always been home runs!

You provide direction for those who recognize that they need to do something but aren't quite sure what. You truly do address the realities of marketing in this ever changing biz world. What's a guy to do? You're telling them. Plain and simple.

When people ask me about you, I respond: "Listen to him. He's the doctor!."

Secrets of promoting your business one page and
one month at a time

Knowledge, templates, and content help you keep in constant touch with customers while saving you time and money

  • A unique program for a very special type of business owner

  • Ready-to-finish templates and content ideas jolt you into action

  • One client cut $5,000 from his advertising budget and now attracts better-qualified prospects

Dear Friend:
All signs point to the economy coming back with a vengeance.

Why? Some people say it's politics, others say it's the natural economic cycle. (For all I know, it could be the new Paris Hilton video!) But, the fact is, unemployment has stopped increasing…business investment is going up…and consumer confidence is rising. Every indicator points to 2006 being a much better year than the year most people in business have just experienced.

The real issue…
The question you should be asking yourself is: "Are you going to get your share?"

Before I share with you the easiest, most effective and lowest cost way you can practically ensure that you will share in next year's increasing economic activity, let me tell you why many of your competitors, colleagues, and friends won't get the large share of business they would otherwise deserve. It's because they'll be:

Under-spending or overspending. They either won't be advertising, or they'll be spending too much on advertisements that produce too little.
Failing to keep in touch. A lack of consistent contact will cause valuable client relationships to suffer, resulting in defections and permanently lost sales.
Engaging in price competition. Failure to differentiate themselves from their competitors will force them to cut prices—even when selling skilled services.
Misusing technology. Additional lost profits will result from either over-depending on the Internet or failing to fully harness its power.

A Few, However, Have
Discovered A Better Way

Not everyone knows the secret I'm about to tell you. But those who do—like the following business owners—are sort of like people who possess insider trader information on a hot stock. Only, in this case, the knowledge is technically legal (although some many say it offers them an unfair advantage). For example:

  • A Southern California psychologist, fighting increasing competition and continuing cutbacks in insurance reimbursement, is differentiating himself from his competitors by promoting his expertise in a market niche he can call his own.
  • A New England hospitality vendor, providing espresso and cappuccino service to firms at trade shows and customer/employee appreciation events, has booked as many as seven events in one day and serves Fortune 500 clients located throughout the country.
  • A Tokyo trainer and marketing consultant saw his web site traffic skyrocket and his appointment book fill up immediately after starting his program.
  • For the first time in 20 years, a professional photographer is enjoying consistent and measurable results from his marketing.

What Are They Doing
That Their Competitors Aren't?

In each case, they're preparing an attractive, easy-to-read, monthly, one-topic, educationally oriented, One-Page Newsletter they distribute from their web site or as an e-mail attachment.

My One-Page Newsletter has made it possible for me to cut $5,000.00 from my yearly advertising budget while attracting better-qualified prospects. Instead of competing with the "Marts" of the world, I'm now spending less and gaining more profitable repeat business and increased referrals. My One-Page Newsletters cost me nothing to prepare and distribute, yet they sell better than any marketing I've tried during the past 24 years!

Gene Paltrineri
Professional Photographer

They are, quite literally, marketing for free!
The only time they spend money is when they print copies to hand out at speeches, networking functions, or new business presentations (printing copies for just pennies each on desktop printers.)

Without incurring costly and inefficient media expenses, i.e. newspaper, radio, TV, trade magazines, the above business owners have learned how to:

  • Remain constantly visible to their clients and interested prospects
  • Eliminate the outrageous costs associated with conventional marketing
  • Pre-sell their competence and differentiate themselves from their competition while adding to a reservoir of information they can use over and over again
  • Create a synergy between on-line and off-line marketing

Control and satisfaction
These business owners also enjoy control, and the satisfaction that comes with it. They're controlling their own destiny!

They are also enjoying the satisfaction of doing it themselves—communicating their expertise without hiring expensive agencies or freelancers. And they're getting better marketing, because nobody knows their business and their market better than they do!

  • Like you, the above business owners already possessed the information needed to keep in constant touch with clients and pre-sell their competence.
  • And, like you, all they needed was a framework to apply their knowledge.

Sound too good to be true?

That's what Will Reed, the Tokyo consultant mentioned above, thought—until he started to profit from his Guerrilla Marketing Genius and Mind Mapping Strategies newsletters:

Roger, Your One-Page Newsletter is pre-selling me in wider and wider circles, and has already led to 2 major contacts who approached me through my web site, both with good potential for seminar work in 2006. Traffic to my web sites has climbed steadily for each of the last 3 months. There is no doubt that the free newsletters are drawing new and repeat traffic.

Will Reed, Tokyo

That's also what David Salzman, the New England hospitality vendor, above, thought…until he started seeing results from his Trade Show Marketing newsletter:

An hour after I e-mailed a copy of my first One-Page Newsletter to the editor of a trade show hospitality magazine, she e-mailed back and asked if she could run the newsletter as an article with my picture. Months later, I'm still getting calls based on that issue!

David Salzman
Espresso Dave

Unfortunately, most other business owners fall into the trap of depending too much on advertising, newsletters or the web.

Conventional Solutions
Are No Longer Effective

Advertising is not the answer
Most business owners either don't market at all (because advertising hasn't worked in the past), or they spend too much money in media advertising that doesn't produce results.

Media or directory advertising is usually too expensive. Rates are based on the deep pockets of fast food outlets, car dealerships, and high-margin warehouse operations selling commodities—near-identical items sold on the basis of price. This is not the profile of services offered by consultants, hospitality vendors, psychologists, or wedding photographers…and it probably doesn't describe your business, either.

There's another disadvantage to media advertising. Because space and time costs are so high, it's virtually impossible to buy enough space (or time) to tell a convincing story. You simply cannot effectively communicate your expertise or explain what makes you different, in a three-column by six-inch ad—no matter how much it eats up your marketing budget.

Newsletters are not the answer
Conventional printed and mailed, multi-page newsletters are also not the answer. In fact, they're less the answer today than they were ten years ago.

Consistency is the essence of a successful newsletter. Yet, consistency is nearly impossible to achieve using printed and mailed 4, 8, or 12-page newsletters. Since each issue takes so long to prepare, the best that can be hoped for is usually an issue every other month—or, worse-- once a quarter.

Every other month, or quarterly, appearance fails to keep your name constantly in front of your customers and prospects. The more time that goes by between issues, the more likely you're going to be forgotten.

Not only do conventional newsletters suffer from production and delivery delays, costs have completely gotten out of control. Production, printing, and mailing costs continue to escalate, even as the time spent in the mails increases.

Conventional e-mail newsletters also suffer from their share of problems. They lack uniqueness and tangibility. They all tend to look the same and blend together in the visitor's mind. Many cannot be easily printed. Others are simply too long.

Web sites are not the answer
Web sites, by themselves, typically fail to provide a successful marketing solution. Web site success requires two things that many businesses find difficult to provide:

Consistent traffic. Without traffic, no web site can make a meaningful contribution to a firm's success. But, "buying" and "optimizing" search engine traffic can be time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. And web design and production costs can quickly mount up.

Constantly updated content. Without frequently updated meaningful content, there's no reason for clients and prospects to return to a firm's web site. And most business owners find it difficult to consistently create new content.

Now there's a solution
Three years ago, I stumbled on a formula that pulled things together in an entirely new way, a way you can use to rejuvenate your business during 2006.

How I Got The World's Richest Corporation To Pay Me A Boatload Of Money!

In 2001, I was speaking at the Ford Motor Company's International Newsletter Editor's Conference and wanted to fill the room.

To do this, I "primed the market" by preparing a strictly educational One-Page Newsletter as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. After creating it, I sent it as an e-mail attachment to the event planner and asked them to forward it to conference participants.

Here's the breakthrough…
On the spur of the moment, I also e-mailed copies of the same newsletter to three clients I had not spoken to for several months

A few hours later, I received the following e-mail from a Microsoft program manager:

Roger: Great newsletter! Lots of information! Can you call this afternoon? I'd like to discuss the possibility of you coming out to Redmond next week to help us with the upcoming release of the next version of our program. Looking forward to your call.


Think about it!
One out of three marketing messages
, sent for FREE resulted in a week's consulting for the country's largest corporation!

I had stumbled on a new way of promoting professional services.

I spent the next three years decoding the DNA of the One-Page Newsletter, I identified and analyzed the critical elements and created an easy-to-follow program explaining how to handle them.

The result is a integrated program you can apply to your businesses without "reinventing the wheel."

Many marketing leaders supported my efforts
In my quest, I was assisted and encouraged by numerous friends, clients, and marketing experts like Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing—the world's best-selling marketing book series and Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing.

I also drew on  my background.
During the past twenty-five years, I've worked with hundreds of firms. My experience with firms large and small provided me with a hands-on opportunity to observe what works, and what doesn't work.

Out of my experience grew the One-Page Newsletter program I'm offering you—a detailed, do-it-yourself marketing program that synthesizes today's technology with experiences like these:

  • As advertising manager, I created a marketing philosophy for a father/son retailer in Seattle that guided their growth from 1 store to 39 locations throughout the West…leading to their $87,000,000 sell out to Best Buy.
  • I helped a former truck driver, who never finished college, create a business-to- consumer firm he sold to one of Costco's founders for $8,000,000 cash, permitting him to retire before age 40.

In addition, I observed the "corporate perspective" working with firms like Adobe, Apple Computer, Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Hewlett-Packard, John Deere, Microsoft, Paper Direct, Shearman & Sterling, and Yamaha.

In 1996, in recognition of my efforts to help small business compete more effectively, I was appointed to the Microsoft Small Business Council.

The 3 Truths Of Effective Marketing

The same elements, or truths, guided all of my successes:

Truth # 1: Target marketing works. It pays to spend your money on those most likely to buy from you.

Truth # 2: Customer retention is more profitable than customer acquisition. It costs seven times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to resell a past customer.
Truth # 3: Market education leads to higher profits. David Ogilvy, in his Confessions of an Advertising Man, said it best: "the more you tell, the more you sell." Knowledge trumps price when you present the right arguments.

The above Truths are as relevant and applicable today as they've ever been. They are reinterpreted and restated over and over again in bookstores, classrooms, and marketing seminars.

Needed now, more than ever before
Unfortunately, most people don't have a practical way to take advantage of the 3 Truths. This concerned me to the point where I realized I had to do something about it.

As a result, for the first time, there's a comprehensive marketing program that shows how to use personal computers and your web site to profit from the Three Truths.

A Complete Program
You Can Bank On

With my program and my help, you'll be able to quickly and easily create a reader-grabbing, Internet-ready, attractive, easy-to-read, monthly One-Page Newsletter that will boost profits by accomplishing eight key goals.

With this program, you can:

  1. Keep in constant touch with customers, so your name will be the first clients and prospects think of when it's time to buy or re-buy

  2. Differentiate yourself from your competition.

  3. Pre-sell your competence so customers and prospects will come to you pre-sold on your expertise.

  4. Educate your market to the quality and long-term value you offer (so there's less need to compete on the basis of price).

  5. Eliminate production and distribution costs.

  6. Keep your web site fresh by adding new content on a consistent basis.

  7. Save time and energy by creating something once and profiting from it over and over again.

  8. Get the word out fast each and every month, no matter how much business your One-Page Newsletters may be generating.

Order Your Copy Today

Includes Everything You Need To Cement Customer Loyalty

You get everything you need to create a perfect "fit" between current technology and the Three Truths I've used to help clients build their sales and profits during the past twenty-five years.

There are three distinct parts to the One-Page Newsletter program: knowledge, templates, and content:

Part 1: Knowledge
I share with you everything my clients and I have learned about One-Page Newsletters. You receive:

1 209-page guide that describes in detail the philosophy, goals, content, design, distribution, and promotion of monthly One-Page Newsletters and how they differ from previous attempts to use newsletters to keep in touch with past customers and interested prospects .
2 Anatomy of a One-Page Newsletter. An illustrated introduction to the visual building blocks of One-Page Newsletter success.
3 Portfolio of published One-Page Newsletters that you can examine for both content and design ideas.

What you'll learn…
Here are just some of the topics covered

The 10 Commandments of One-Page Newsletter success (Lesson 1, page 2)
The Four Commitments that ensure success (Lesson 1, page 17)
How to deal with the 20 design and copy elements that must work together to create a successful One-Page Newsletter (Anatomy of a One-Page Newsletter)
The differences between word processing and page layout programs, (Lesson 4, page 1)
How to select the right title for your One-Page Newsletter (Lesson 6, page 5)
How to design a distinctive One-Page Newsletter nameplate (Lesson 6, page 3)
How to format attention-getting headlines (Lesson 6, page 24)
How to choose the right typeface, type size, and line spacing for body copy (Lesson 6, page 16)
The most often neglected command that can make the biggest difference in the readability of a One-Page Newsletter (Lesson 6, page 21)
How to create an Editorial Calendar (Lesson 7, page 4)
How to quickly and easily organize your ideas for each issue (Lesson 8, page 3)
Follow a 36-point checklist to review your newsletter before distribution (Lesson 9, page 10)
How to promote your One-Page Newsletter for free. (Lesson 11, page 2)
How to use letters, postcards, and phone calls to reactivate old clients. (Lesson 11, page 11)
24-ways to promote your One-Page Newsletter online and off-line. (Lesson 11, p. 3)

Part 2: Templates
The program also includes a ready-to-finish universal newsletter template for your personal use that guides you through the process of completing a One-Page Newsletter. This template virtually guarantees an attractive, easy-to-read newsletter—one that projects a competent and professional image for you and your firm.

Choose either a generic template—awaiting your title—or a customized template appropriate for a variety of specialized businesses:

Accountants and CPAs
Alternative health care
Business and wellness coaches
Financial advisors
Graphic and web designers
Marketing consultants
Personal trainers
Travel agents

The templates guide you through the process of completing your One-Page Newsletters and define the appearance of your One-Page Newsletter. The templates create an attractive layout and easy to read typography for your newsletter. Text styles are included for headlines, subtitles, subheads, body copy, and captions.

These templates are designed to be used with Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word, the least-expensive, easiest to use Windows page layout program. We are adding templates for additional software programs every day.

Your template provided the framework I needed to create my first One-Page Newsletter, and the issues that followed. Numerous clients complimented me on its appearance and asked me who designed it.

Gene Paltrineri

Part 3: Content
also share with you a simple three-step procedure that takes the time out of preparing each issue, plus you receive content ideas for a year's worth of monthly One-Page Newsletters.

With my help, you'll be able to make instant connections between the topic ideas and you're market's information needs:

  1. Choose a topic from the 12 easy to complete newsletter topic suggestions. No matter what business you're in, ideas will immediately suggest themselves that you can use to prove your competence and stay in touch with customers.
  2. Add keywords that elaborate on the topic and relate it to your market.
  3. "Fill in the blanks" with a few short paragraphs (no more than 2 to 3 sentences each).

This simple three-step process takes the stress and the work out of creating a monthly One-Page Newsletter.

It now takes me less than an hour to prepare each issue. This is because I'm always subconsciously thinking about the next issue. As a result, when I sit down to prepare an issue, it's already finished in my mind!

Gene Paltrineri

What Users And Marketing Experts Are Saying...

I am a great fan of Roger C. Parker's One Page Newsletter concept. Roger is the design genius of our generation who has taught desktop publishing excellence to hundreds of thousands.

Dr. Ralph Wilson


There is no need to pay a high-priced copywriter, graphic artist, or ad agency to produce your company newsletter, and no need to make your company newsletter an elaborate, expensive-to-print production. With Roger's course you can write, produce, and distribute your own One-Page Newsletter inexpensively via print or e-mail, and it will be more effective than the glossy, big newsletters your competitors use.

Bob Bly
The Copywriter's Bible

This Program Is Not For Everyone, However!

Many may feel my program doesn't go far enough in taking the work out of creating a consistent low-cost marketing program.

What my program is not…

My program is neither a prepackaged solution, nor am I offering to write your newsletters for you:

  • Not preprinted newsletters. Most preprinted solutions look formulaic and impersonal. Yes, they permit small businesses to mail color newsletter, but the content is usually embarrassingly generic. Many recipients will recognize the grafted-on contact information and "personalization" that reveals their mass-produced origins. Costs can be high, and they are still subject to mailing delays.
  • Not a custom newsletter writing program. It is neither in your best interests, nor mine, for me to write and produce your newsletters for you. Neither of us would benefit in the long run. Yes, I could probably earn a good living, but I wouldn't be doing what I really like best—teaching and helping others develop their skills. (I was going to be a history professor until I discovered marketing.)

But, if I write your newsletters, you won't be doing what you need to be doing if you want to succeed as a business owner in a competitive and changing environment—you won't be improving your marketing skills.

So, what's my program all about?


It's based on my teaching you what I know about marketing, computers, and the Internet so you can profit from One-Page Newsletters. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify your market's information needs so you can choose the right title and prepare topics your clients will look forward to reading.
  • Adapt a proven format to your needs, so it projects a unique and professional image.

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of graphic design so you can create publications that, each month, become more attractive and easier-to-read.

  • Translate your expertise into eight to ten short, carefully written paragraphs each month.

What type of business owner enjoys the most success?
Attitude plays a critical role in the success business owners enjoy with my One-Page Newsletter. Most either "get it," or they don't.

Those who get it share the following characteristics:

  • Willing to take responsibility. Many business owners are passively waiting for "the government" to "fix the economy." Others want to control their own destiny—and the destinies of those who depend on them.

  • Efficiency oriented. Those who have done best with my One-Page Newsletter program have been searching for more effective ways to deal with problems like client defections, rising media costs, and increasing competition.

  • Anxious to preserve important relationships. Those who "get it" value the relationships they have built up with their clients, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy and cement their loyalty.

  • Pride. In each case, the business owners were looking for a way to explain their philosophy and promote their expertise because, ultimately, they were proud of their business and the unique benefits they offer their clients.

  • Interested in growth and self-development. None of the four business owners profiled in the beginning of this letter had previous desktop publishing experience. But, all were interested in getting the job done right—and all were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to implement my program

What My Program
Requires From You

I am not going to sugar coat my offer.
Unless you have had some word-processing or page layout experience, you'll find there is a learning curve involved.

However, if you are comfortable using Microsoft Word, or perhaps already have Microsoft Publisher loaded on your computer, you should be in great shape.

Most One-Page Newsletter veterans agree that progress goes by much faster than expected.

The first issue is the hardest. After that, you'll find it becomes progressively easier to produce the following issues. Most One-Page Newsletter editors have found the time required to produce and distribute the following issues drops about 50% by the third issue.

Additional benefits
As you become more and more comfortable preparing your One-Page Newsletters, new connections and opportunities will appear to you. After preparing his third One-Page Newsletter, Will Reed commented from Tokyo:

…the discipline of the one-page newsletter (especially with your feedback) is definitely improving my ability to access and express ideas. It is also giving me a treasure chest of ideas and resources that I can cycle back into seminars to enhance my presentations.

Will Reed

Why This Program
Virtually Runs Itself

There's a secret I haven't revealed until now. (And I hope you won't share it with your clients or friends.)

You just don't have to come up with that many words!

In Lesson 8, I describe the simple formula used to create each issue. The formula breaks a One-Page Newsletter into six elements and discusses the simple tasks associated with each element:

  1. Headline. Describe a problem or an opportunity your clients should deal with.
  2. Introduction. Explain either the symptoms of the problem or the potential benefits of the opportunity in a single paragraph, using just two or three sentences.
  3. Subheads. Identify three or four topics, or keywords, that describe different aspects of the problem (or opportunity).
  4. Body copy. Discuss the meaning and implications of each of the topics in two or three short paragraphs, each containing two or three sentences.
  5. Conclusion. Summarize the information in a single, wrap-up, paragraph.
  6. Resource box. Briefly describe how you can help in a sentence or two, and include your phone number.

Working with this formula, you'll find that very few words—about two double-spaced pages of word-processed text—are all that are needed to create a One-Page Newsletter that maintains your visibility and pre-sells your competence each month.

Never again will you have to face a blank screen, and not know where to start or how much to write. My program replaces unpredictability with process!

Readers also love One-Page Newsletters
The most common reader feedback my clients and I receive is praise for the one-page format. We frequently hear comments like:

  • I love the short format! I can learn something valuable in just two and a half minutes,
  • The short, information-filled format is great. I can read it in my car, waiting for traffic lights to change!
  • Order your copy today

What Types Of Businesses Profit Most From One-Page Newsletters?

The ideal business profile is a service-oriented business that understands its more profitable to resell past customers than attract new customers.

Studies have shown that it costs 7 times more to attract a new customer than it does to resell a past customer. Previous customers are already familiar with the advantages of dealing with you, and are less demanding of price concessions.

More important, there's a multiplier effect. When you cultivate your past customers, you're also cultivating their referrals--leading to even more business.

During the past three years, I've either worked with, or outlined, One-Page Newsletter programs for business owners in the following areas:

  • Financial planners and CPAs
  • Human resource consultants
  • Travel agents
  • Software developers
  • Educational consultants
  • Authors and speakers
  • Health and nutrition advisors
  • Clothing boutiques
  • Personal growth coaches
  • Health care and legal practices
  • Graphic and web designers
  • Computer and career training
  • Long-term care advisors
  • Mail order pet care accessories
  • Bridal and formal shoppes
  • Professional photographers

You'll find examples of newsletters from many of these categories in the Portfolio of One-Page Newsletters included with the program.

Templates are included for many of these categories. 

Order Your Copy Today

    What You Get

You get everything you need to create a unique synergy between classic marketing truths and today's personal computing and Internet technology. Here's what's included:

Part 1: Knowledge

  • 209-page One-Page Newsletter guide, special CD edition
  • Anatomy of a One-Page Newsletter
  • One-Page Newsletter Sample Portfolio

Part 2: Ready to complete template
Template for your personal use with Microsoft Publisher. Choose either:

  • Generic template with space to insert the title of your newsletter
  • Customized title for one of several business categories

Part 3: Content

  • Topic suggestions for a year's worth of One-Page Newsletters

Order today and get started preparing your firm to take full advantage of the improved economic conditions on their way

Order today and get $494.40 worth of valuable bonuses and personal assistance while supplies last.

FREE Bonus 1:  One-year subscription, monthly One-Page Newsletter MasterMind teleconference. These one hour sessions offer you a valuable opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other One-Page Newsletter editors around the world. Value: $359.40
FREE Bonus 2:  7-Steps to Producing the First Issue of your One-Page Newsletter. Learn while driving. Professionally recorded one-hour Roger C. Parker teleconference recording, with note-taking sheets. Value: $29.95 US.
FREE Bonus 3:  Creating Content for One-Page Newsletters. One-hour Roger C. Parker teleconference describing ten popular and easy-to-complete topic ideas. With note-taking sheets. Value: $29.95 US.
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The normal price of this CD-ROM version of my One-Page Newsletter program costs $279.00 US (which includes Priority Shipping within the U.S. and Canada).

Why such a low price?
Many of my friends who I have shown this letter to feel I am giving too much away. (David Garfinkel, for one, thinks the program should cost $1,000.)

That's OK.

I have a selfish goal in offering a wealth of resources at a low price: I want to jumpstart your 2006 profits in order to create:

  • More success stories. I'm looking to document, for a major publisher, the dollars and cents rewards that One-Page Newsletter publishers are generating.
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The more One-Page Newsletter success stories I create, the easier it will be for me to promote the program—and the more satisfaction I'll enjoy from contributing to the success of others.

Basically, I'll be able to repay friends and marketing experts who have shared their encouragement and marketing knowledge with me by passing the baton to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Roger C. Parker

PS: What about a Guarantee?
I'm so confident this program will work for you, that I'm offering a money-back guarantee:

At any point, if you feel that the materials and personal assistance I offer you in this program do not contain the information necessary to promote your business with a One-Page Newsletter, just return the CD's and I will refund your money.

PPS: Enjoy $494 worth of valuable bonuses:
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Still Not Convinced?

Here's what the Southern California psychologist and newly-minted One-Page Newsletter editor--he calls his newsletter Taming the Anger Bee--mentioned at the beginning of this Special Report has to say:

It is rare with Internet offers to get more than expected, but that has been my experience with Roger Parker's program. Not only did I receive extremely valuable, practical and useful information, but the one free hour of coaching was rich and stimulating with additional ideas, concepts, and strategies which I am now instituting.

Tony Fiore, Ph.D.

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